Haroon Weds Razda

Ansari Family on behalf of all its members will love to wish the soon-to-be bride and Groom, Haroon and Razda on their wedding. May Allah showers His blessing on both of them and make their married life full of happiness and brightness.

We wish to inform all the members about their wedding too. Here is the wedding invitation shared by Haroon’s elder brother Farooq for whole of Ansari Family. So friends, don’t forget to attend the wedding and bless the couple.

The Menu..errr...for the time being just the events....;)

To check out the Bride and Groom themselves and other details of the wedding ....visit http://haroon-razda.weddingannouncer.com


on behalf of whole of Ansari Family

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2 Responses
  1. Congrats to the newlyweds from me as well :)

    Even though I dont know them

  2. salam sister,

    u hav nice blog.

    pls share link with other sisters tooooo! please !

    few good women related articles !