Hello Friends,

Finally I have been created a blog for our Indian Ansari community. Now we are having a strong platform to share our ideas for the development of Ansari community in India.

Mohd Shahanshah Ansari

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  1. asak shaanuu...u are doing appreciated job for development of ansaris....this blog is a best source for sharing any ideas....great...keep it up....

  2. Hello Shenshah, I must congratulate u for thinking this blog.
    I am visiting this blog for the first time. and very happy to see my brothers or Seniors doing something for Muslim Community.
    working as Correspondent of
    Leading Hindi Daily of India
    AMAR UJALA in Bhadohi (UP)

    I will b visiting here frequently now.

  3. Hi Shahanshah n Sahil....

    congratulations!!both for thinking out of box!!

  4. Hi Shahanshah n Sahil...

    for thinking out of box....

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  6. Hi Shahanshah n Sahil..

    Congrats!!!for thnking out of box.

    well executed...

  7. gravatar Anonymous

    Wow...was impressed seeing dis kinda good initiative....but can ppl b more active..pardon me but posts date back 2 2007...i kno u 2 guys ll work hard as so far u ppl hav done an outstanding job

    hope ds blogs rock...


  8. The Glorious Qur’an says:

    "And hold fast,
    All together, by the rope
    Which Allah (stretches out for you),
    and be not divided among yourselves;"
    [Al-Qur’an 3:103]

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  10. Current theme is wonderful.

  11. asak shaanu . ...u r doing a remarkable job for upliftment of ansaris family...this blog is best way to share our views n ideas..alla hafiz.......

  12. Aslamkum to all ansari brother and sister.i hope that all r fine and happy.i proud to be ansari.I hope that ansari people will educted n must write at end of name is ansari.i dont why some peopl dont like to write.should be write.we hev great relation with NABI hv to be proud.

  13. Aslamkum to all ansari.i proud to be belong to ansari.ALhamdulliah we hav a great relation with islam and with nabi Muhammad